Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Christine Kuo Still a Virgin at 29?

Christine Kuo Still a Virgin at 29?

By on October 24, 2012

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It was recently revealed that 2009 Miss Chinese International winner, Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), is reportedly still a virgin at 29-years-old.
It took a little less than two years for Christine Kuo to earn the title as “goddess” and receive special promotional treatment at TVB. A rising star, Christine has starred in many of TVB’s popular television dramas and films in the last two years. She won a spot to appear in TVB’s forthcoming epic drama, Beauty at War <金枝慾孽 (貳)>, and is a major supporting character in the upcoming A Great Way to Care 2 <仁心解碼II> as well.
Since debut, Christine has only acknowledged one relationship, and that was with the Come Home Love <愛·回家> star, Joey Law (羅 天宇), which ended earlier this year. Various media reports indicated that it was TVB who pressured Christine to end her relationship with Joey, as he would most likely impede Christine’s career.
Christine was frequently caught spending time at a restaurant owned by Joey’s mother in Sai Kung. Since Christine and Joey’s parents have been long-time friends, Joey’s mother is also Christine’s godmother.
Recent tabloids, however, revealed that Christine and Joey are actually still together. Some tabloids also claimed that Christine is now living in with Joey, as she was caught going in and out of Joey’s apartment in Tseung Kwan O in the last few weeks.
On Sunday, while attending a public function, Christine was asked if she had an active sex life. Christine turned red and stuttered, “Don’t ask such questions. I feel embarrassed; Joey is also a Christian!”
On Monday, Joey admitted to the press that he and Christine had lived in together. He said, “Did we have sex? It’s a very private question. I will not answer it. Both Christine and I are Christians. We are pretty well-behaved. The things we did together were usually just shopping, eating, and watching movies!”
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Grace Wong Leads the Virgin Pack

By on October 24, 2012

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TVB actress and devout Christian, Grace Wong (王君馨), has recently led the paparazzi on a “virgin search” in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. Although Grace had always believed that a person’s sexual encounters and experiences should be kept private, Grace’s recent comment on her virginity and purity became a hot topic of discussion.
Grace stated, “My Christian beliefs started three years ago, and I was baptized two years ago. Before I became a Christian, I already believed that I should protect [my virginity]. I perform Latin dance and an actress, so there will be many chances for me to wear sexy clothing and film intimate scenes. If I feel that a scene is unacceptable, I will discuss it with the director. Whenever I wear revealing clothes, I will pray to God first. If I don’t feel safe wearing it, it means that God does not like it, and I will not wear it. I had my first boyfriend at 17, and every time I date, I would treat them as my marriage partner.
“I feel that my first time should be with my husband. It would be an amazing feeling to do it with my husband on our marriage night. That way, I don’t have to worry about getting an abortion or contract any sexually-transmitted diseases. If my boyfriend really loves me and treats me as his marriage partner, then he should be able to wait until marriage night!”
Grace also revealed that she has a room in her apartment that is especially for praying.
Grace is close friends with Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), Eliza Sam (岑麗香), and Leanne Li (李 亞男). The five women are also Christians and reportedly virgins. Last week, Linda, Christine, Leanne, and Grace were caught doing grocery shopping together. They later went to Grace’s new apartment and had dinner.
Grace said, “We had a housewarming party. Eliza also came later that night after she finished work. We chatted for over ten hours. We ate and prayed together. Envy is a sin for Christians. Sometimes, we can become envious of each other, but that is wrong. We will pray for each other for forgiveness.”
Other Virgins in the Hong Kong Entertainment Industry
Laurinda Ho (何超蓮): The 21-year-old daughter of Stanley Ho (何鴻燊) and his third wife, Ina Chan (陳婉珍), expressed that she has never dated, and has never had any kind of sexual encounter with anyone before.
Mag Lam (林欣彤): The Voice 2 <超級巨聲2> star once stated in an interview regarding premarital sex, “I am a Christian. [Premarital sex] is a bad thing!”
Leanne Li: Both Leanne and boyfriend, Wong Cho Lam (王 祖藍) are devout Christians. Although they live together, they both pledged to abstain from sex before marriage.  When going out in romantic dates, they will ask their friends to come along, to help the couple “control their fire.”
G.E.M. (鄧紫棋): The 21-year-old with powerful vocals once revealed in an interview, “I am a virgin, and I will save [my virginity] for my husband after marriage.”
Eliza Sam: TVB’s new goddess openly expressed that she is a Christian, and that sex should not be treated casually.
Linda Chung: Although the Best Actress-hopeful once revealed that she was still a virgin during the beginning of her acting career.
Helena Law (羅蘭): The 77-year-old award-winning actress is a Catholic. Unmarried, it is not at all surprising that she may still be a virgin.
Yu Mo Lin (余慕蓮): The veteran actress has been single for many years, and dedicates most of her time doing volunteer work.
Source: Face Magazine #283 via


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